AES Ergonomics Improvement Specialist

AES Ergonomics Improvement Specialist

How do you improve safety, increase organizational efficiency and positively impact your fellow employees? These courses provide you with the skills you need to create a safer, more efficient workplace. Stand out from your peers and complete these courses to receive the Ergonomic Improvement Specialist certificate from the Applied Ergonomic Society (AES) and UL. These courses are ideal for all professionals seeking to drive innovation in ergonomics, healthcare, safety, human resources and risk management. This suite contains: Industrial Ergonomics, Materials Handling and Storage, Preventing Back Injury, Personal Factors in Safety and Continuously Improve for Safety Excellence.

PRICE: $ 99.99 DURATION: 94 min LANGUAGE: English CEU: CEU 0.2 SKU: SKU-0110
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Course Outline

AES Ergonomics Improvement Specialist

Part 1
Industrial Ergonomics

  • 1. Introduction   

  • 2. MSDs & Ergonomic Programs   

  • 3. Symptoms and Risk Factors   

  • 4. Prevention   

  • 5. Standing and Lifting   

  • 6. Contact Stress and Hand Tool Use   

  • 7. Vibration and Other Factors   

  • 8. PPE   

  • 9. Review   

  • 10. Conclusion   

Part 2
Materials Handling and Storage

  • 1. Introduction   

  • 2. Potential Hazards   

  • 3. Moving, Handling and Storing Materials   

  • 4. Conveyors   

  • 5. Cranes and Slings   

  • 6. Safety and Health   

  • 7. Conclusion   

Part 3
Preventing Back Injury

  • 1. Introduction   

  • 2. Back Function and Injuries   

  • 3. Risk Factors   

  • 4. Causes of Back Injuries   

  • 5. Preventing Injuries   

  • 6. Response to an Injury   

  • 7. Summary   

Part 4
Personal Factors in Safety

  • 1. Introduction   

  • 2. Experience   

  • 3. Judgment   

  • 4. Stress   

  • 5. Fatigue   

  • 6. Communication   

  • 7. Conclusion   

Part 5
Continuously Improve for Safety Excellence

  • 1. Introduction   

  • 2. Define Continuous Improvement   

  • 3. Benefits   

  • 4. Workflow   

  • 5. Lagging and Leading Indicators   

  • 6. Continuous Improvement in Action   

  • 7. Quality Management   

  • 8. Summary   

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AES Ergonomics Improvement Specialist