workplace violence

OSHA cites Fort Myers for workplace violence.

OSHA has taken notice of frequent incidents of workplace violence at Fort Myers. Fort Myers has breached Osha regulations for the fifth time in a row. As a result of violent occurrences in the spring and autumn of 2020. The U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has reached a settlement with a Fort Myers mental healthcare and residential treatment facility.

SalusCare Inc. has accepted an OSHA determination that five instances of spitting, kicking, and other assaults against behavior health professionals were directed at them in 2020 while the technicians were present. An OSHA ticket was issued to the center for failing to provide proper security to patients against patient-on-staff violence, and an additional violation was issued for failing to report a workplace injury in a timely manner. These citations were paid for by SalusCare for $6,747. The organization agreed to strengthen its workplace violence prevention program, devise a means to notify personnel about aggressive patients, and update their safety standards, among other measures.

SalusCare is a nonprofit mental health and drug addiction service provider, providing medical, educational, and recovery services at seven sites in Southwest Florida. More than 400 staff at the firm serve over 16,000 patients.

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