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OSHA urges caution in wake of Hurricane Ida

OSHA urges caution in wake of Hurricane Ida

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has urged emergency response crews and residents to exercise caution in the wake of Hurricane Ida. Hazards can be created by flooding, power loss, structural damage, fallen trees, and storm debris in areas affected by Hurricane Ida. Response and recovery workers may also face hazards related to restoring electricity and communications, removing debris, repairing water damage, repairing or replacing roofs, and trimming trees. So only individuals with proper training, equipment, and experience should conduct recovery and cleanup activities. Response and Recovery crews should keep the following in mind:

  • Evaluate the work area for hazards.
  • Assess the stability of structures and walking surfaces.
  • Ensure fall protection when working on elevated surfaces.
  • Assume all power lines are live.
  • Keep portable generators outside.
  • Stay hydrated and protect against hazardous heat exposure.
  • Operate chainsaws, ladders and other equipment properly.
  • Use personal protective equipment, such as gloves, hard hats, and hearing, foot and eye safeguards.

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