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Compressed Gas Cylinder Safety Awareness

Compressed Gas Cylinder Safety Awareness

Since compressed gases are contained in heavy, highly pressurized containers, the large amount of potential energy resulting from the compression of the gas makes the cylinder a potential projectile or fragmentation bomb powerful enough to blast through concrete-block walls. Tipped or dropped cylinders can crush fingers and limbs. The contents of a leaking cylinder may react with incompatible gases, be toxic or poisonous, or cause asphyxiation, which is oxygen deprivation. Incidents of asphyxiation may be caused simply by high concentrations of so-called “harmless” gases such as nitrogen. These physical or chemical hazards may result in injury or death.

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Course Outline

Compressed Gas Cylinder Safety Awareness

  • 1. Introduction    

  • 2. Identification    

  • 3. Cylinder Storage    

  • 4. Handling and Transportation    

  • 5. Valve and Regulator Safety    

  • 6. Inspections and Repairs    

  • 7. Conclusion    

Learning Objectives

Compressed Gas Cylinder Safety Awareness

  • Identify common hazards while working with compressed gas cylinders.
  • Describe storage techniques of compressed gas cylinders such as segregation, securing and signage.
  • Recall proper handling, transportation and use of compressed gas cylinders.

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Compressed Gas Cylinder Safety Awareness

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