Confined Space Hazards (US)

Confined Space Hazards (US)

Imagine you are near a confined space at work. One of your co-workers goes into the space and a short time later you hear a loud clatter. You look into the space and see your co-worker passed out. He does not respond when you radio him and yell into the space. What would you do? Would you go in to rescue him? This situation actually happened and, unfortunately, the worker DID attempt to rescue his co-worker. He didn’t follow confined space procedures. As he went in, he had no way of knowing that a deadly toxic vapor was building up in the space. Shortly after he began trying to carry his co-worker out, he collapsed and succumbed to the vapor too. Sadly, both he and his co-worker died. There is no doubt that the would-be rescuer thought he was doing the right thing. It’s possible that he and his co-worker were unaware of the dangers of working in a confined space. If they had followed a confined space procedure to monitor the air and used an established rescue protocol, things might have turned out differently. But, sadly, we’ll never know. Your employer does not EVER want you to be in the position of either of these two workers. That’s why you are taking this training – so that you can understand the risks associated with confined spaces and the procedures your employer has in place to protect you and those around you. Don’t take this information lightly – it can make the difference between life and death!

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Course Outline

  • 1. Introduction    

  • 2. Recognizing Confined Spaces    

  • 3. Program and Training    

  • 4. Confined Space Team    

  • 5. Confined Space Hazards    

  • 6. Hazardous Atmospheres    

  • 7. Learning Activity: Hazardous Atmospheres    

  • 8. Summary    

Learning Objectives

  • Recognize a confined space.
  • Identify employer responsibilities regarding confined spaces.
  • Explain the responsibilities of confined space authorized entrants, attendants and entry supervisors.
  • Identify hazards associated with confined spaces.
  • Identify the differences in flammable, toxic, irritant or corrosive, and asphyxiating atmospheres.


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    Confined Space Hazards (US)

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