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Drugs and Alcohol: The Facts (US)

Drugs and Alcohol: The Facts (US)

Substance abuse professionals are licensed physicians or licensed or certified psychologists, social workers or employee assistance professionals. Substance abuse causes harm to more people than just the abuser. This course teaches workers what substance abuse is and it outlines the costs of substance abuse to employers and co-workers. It also provides facts about commonly abused substances and how to reduce the risks of substance abuse. Ideal learners are all employees, including managers and supervisors.

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50 min
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Course Outline

Drugs and Alcohol: The Facts (US)

  • 1. Introduction    

  • 2. Definition    

  • 3. Effects of Substance Abuse    

  • 4. Consequences in the Workplace    

  • 5. The Most Commonly Abused Substance    

  • 6. Alcohol Abuse    

  • 7. Illicit Drug Use    

  • 8. Cannabis    

  • 9. Cocaine    

  • 10. PCP    

  • 11. Opiates    

  • 12. Ecstasy    

  • 13. How to Help    

  • 14. Steps Toward Risk Reduction    

  • 15. Summary    

Learning Objectives

Drugs and Alcohol: The Facts (US)

  • Define substance abuse.
  • Identify the effects of substance abuse.
  • Specify the costs of substance abuse in the workplace.
  • Explain ways to reduce the risk of substance abuse.
  • Identify additional resources for education, prevention and intervention.

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Drugs and Alcohol: The Facts (US)

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