Grounding Fundamentals

Grounding Fundamentals

Your job as a line or cable worker is extremely demanding and risky, yet vital to people’s daily lives. On a “normal” day, you face high-risk situations establishing and maintaining service for individuals and businesses. When emergencies arise, the risks typically increase, right? That’s usually when you’re called out to work in bad weather, poor lighting conditions and pressure to restore service as quickly as possible. The question is . . . what makes a good line or cable worker? Is it their knowledge of electrical principles, their skill set or their experience level? Indeed, those are important factors. However, a “good” line worker or cable worker is one that is committed to taking the time and the steps necessary to work safely!

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Course Outline

  • 1. Introduction    

  • 2. Understanding Grounding    

  • 3. Grounding Protection Rules    

  • 4. Grounding Equipment    

  • 5. Placing and Removing Grounds    

  • 6. Safety Regulations and Guidelines    

  • 7. Conclusion    

Learning Objectives

  • Describe what the term “grounding” means and why it’s essential.
  • Identify the fundamental rules of grounding protection and basic protective grounding requirements.
  • Understand the importance of maintaining and selecting the proper grounding equipment and protective grounding equipment.

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