Legionella Awareness and Control - UK

Legionella Awareness and Control - UK

Legionella bacteria is a risk that must be taken very seriously by any organisation who has premises with a water system. It is estimated that thousands of people per year may be infected with Legionella bacteria from poorly run water systems in workplaces in the UK. Travelling abroad is also a risk as it is suspected that 40% of all cases in the UK are contracted abroad. In 2012, 306 confirmed cases of Legionnaires' Disease were reported in the UK, although the actual figure may be much higher, due to mis-diagnosis, because the symptoms are similar to other chest infections. Of those contracting Legionnaires' Disease, there is an average 12% fatality rate.

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Course Outline

  • 1. Introduction    

  • 2. Legionnaires' and Similar Diseases    

  • 3. Exposure to Legionella Bacteria    

  • 4. Likelihood of Contracting Legionnaires' Disease    

  • 5. Legislation & Codes of Practice    

  • 6. Prevention Measures    

  • 7. Additional Considerations    

  • 8. Summary    

Learning Objectives

  • Define Legionnaires' disease.
  • Describe how Legionnaires' disease occurs.
  • Describe vulnerable populations.
  • Describe risk factors and symptoms associated with contracting Legionnaires' disease.
  • Describe how to control risks.
  • Describe the main UK Legislation and guidance on controlling Legionella risk.
  • Explain employer requirements for Legionnaires' disease control measures.

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Legionella Awareness and Control - UK
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