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Best Online OSHA Training Websites

Online workplace safety training has become increasingly popular in recent years. With OSHA authorizing multiple course creators to provide safety training on its behalf, it has become easy to find websites that provide digital OSHA training, eliminating a need for many to attend classes for this particular purpose.

However, it’s important to remember that different training providers online have their own unique merits that make them appealing to a different set of trainees.

In this guide, we will list the leading OSHA training platforms to help you make the best possible choice. 

6 Best Websites For Online OSHA Education

Here are the top platforms for OSHA training selected by our panel of safety experts.

1. OSHAOutreachCourses


OSHAOutreachCourses is a premier online workplace safety education platform. The website provides both 10-Hour & 30-Hour courses for construction and general industries, as well as New York-specific OSHA safety courses.

This platform offers exclusive webinars where 10-Hour and 30-Hour training are carried out in the span of 2 and 4 days respectively. Trainees who enroll in this seminar can interact with their instructors which allows them to learn about safety protocols from seasoned professionals.

OSHAOutreachCourses also offers a free study guide for trainees along with short free safety courses for anyone who enrolls in their 10 or 30-Hour training programs. It also provides dedicated customer support to businesses that enroll their teams in online safety training.

2. 360OSHA30


As the name suggests, 360OSHA30 takes a comprehensive and all-encompassing approach when it comes to workplace safety training education. It takes into account affordability, accessibility, and adaptability to meet the diverse needs of today’s workforce.

It offers OSHA 10 & 30-hour courses for the lowest possible prices, allowing trainees to save their valuable money as they learn about safety practices in different work environments. To improve training accessibility, 360OSHA30 reaches out to audiences through its frequent outreach programs.

Lastly, this platform continues to upgrade its training programs based on the latest OSHA guidelines and continues to make its courses more engaging



When it comes to the best online OSHA 30 training websites, it’s essential to mention NYOSHA30. The platform focuses on New York-specific OSHA training, offering 30 and 10-Hour New York OSHA courses. The platform provides comprehensive and up-to-date content tailored to meet the specific safety regulations and requirements in New York State.

Beyond this, NYOSHA30 offers all of its OSHA-authorized courses at below-market prices. It is one of the most cost-efficient platforms when it comes to online OSHA workplace safety training.

For trainees in the Big Apple, NYOSHA30 is an ideal platform for online occupational safety training.

4. OSHAOnlineCenter


OSHAOnlineCenter is an emerging platform that aims to make workplace safety training more innovative and intuitive. Designed as a center for learning, this website combines traditional safety knowledge with cutting-edge eLearning to create a unique training experience for its audience.

In addition, OSHAOnlineCenter maintains a comprehensive blog section that covers workplace safety from different angles and provides practical safety guidelines to workers. The website offers dedicated customer support and provides special discounts for multiple enrollments.

5. EHSSchool


EHSSchool is a website dedicated to Environment, Health, and Safety, an interdisciplinary field that’s focused on protecting the environment and the health and safety of workers in different industries. Since occupational safety is one of the pillars of EHS, this platform offers a comprehensive OSHA safety training program.

Trainees can enroll in EHSSchool’s OSHA 10 & 30-Hour courses for cost-efficient prices and earn their plastic card from the US Department of Labor. In addition to that, this platform accepts a variety of payment channels and also allows trainees to pay in installments through the buy now, pay later (BNPL) option.

In the future, EHSSchool also plans to add more educational programs related to environment and occupational safety in its catalog.

6. OSHAPractice


OSHAPractice has a dual meaning: it refers to training for OSHA exams so trainees pass on their first attempt and implementing OSHA’s safety guidelines in real-world workplace scenarios.

The website assists in the first practice through a short free course where trainees can learn the essentials of workplace safety and prepare for the OSHA 10 & 30-Hour training programs. As for putting OSHA’s guidelines into practice, this platform provides comprehensive resources that enable organizations to create and maintain a safe working environment. This includes detailed guides, checklists, and courses that cover a wide range of safety topics.

When it comes to pricing, OSHAPractice provides its courses at below-market prices, giving trainees the option of saving their hard-earned money.


In the end, the best possible OSHA training website is the one that fits your particular learning objectives, preferences and budgetary constraints. All of the websites in this list provide OSHA-authorized courses, which means if you complete training from these platforms, you earn a plastic DOL card. Similarly, all these platforms offer you printable certificates that are emailed as soon as you complete the training.