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OSHAOutreachCourses Unveils New Logo Amid Expansion

OSHAOutreachCourses Introduces New Logo And Additional Courses

In a major change, OSHAOutreachCourses has embraced a new look unveiling a fresh logo that reflects our dedication to innovation and growth. As we reach the second part of 2024, we have decided it’s time to evolve with the times and take a renewed approach to educating workers on safety hazards.

Embracing The New Colors

Our new logo includes four colors which are black, dark blue, light blue and yellow. Each color represents different aspects of our functions, strategies and values.  

Black: The word OSHA in the logo is written in black, which represents our strong commitment to workplace safety and dispensing the knowledge of standards set by the authority. 

Light Blue: The “Outreach Courses” written in light blue represents our passion for innovation and embracing technology to educate workers on safety protocols.

Dark Blue: The underline contains a dark blue color which represents trust and integrity, something that’s integral to us as an educational platform. 

Yellow:  The color yellow is often used on warning signs, hazard markings, and caution tape. It’s synonymous with safety and hence finds its place in our logo.

OSHA Outreach Courses

Why Now?

OSHAOutreachCourses has been a significant player in the online safety space for a number of years. We’ve had the same logo through this time even though our platform has evolved a great deal. 

From a simplistic website that promoted general safety courses, we have grown to add more niched safety training, appealing to a wide range of professionals in construction, retail, healthcare and manufacturing industries. The change of logo represents a renewed commitment to growth, innovation and workplace safety. 

Things Going Forward

Along with changing its logo, we have integrated New York Site Safety Training (SST) courses into our platform. These training courses, available in different bundles, are designed for professionals in New York City who want to earn their SST cards and advance their careers.

In addition to that, OSHAOutreachCourses has put a renewed focus on its short courses which focus on subjects such as fall protection, bloodborne pathogens and heavy machinery hazards among others. 

We aim to comprehensively address workplace safety from all aspects, educating students on the most minor of risks they face at worksites. With our new logo, additional courses, and a change in strategy, OSHAOutreachCourses will continue to lead the way in safety education and training.