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Reflecting on Workers’ Memorial Day 2024

Honoring the Fallen: Reflecting on Workers’ Memorial Day

Workers Memorial Day

Workers’ Memorial Day is recognized on April 28 to highlight the importance of occupational health and safety. This day is also the commemoration of the workers who perished because of workplace hazards and a call to have better workplaces.

Today, the situation is alarming because the number of work-related deaths is increasing. This is proof that safety measures are still not sufficient. These tragedies are prevalent in many industries, with the construction sector being the top contributor to deaths from falls from heights and manufacturing floors having a majority of accidents from machinery-related injuries.

The same type of risks associated with the agriculture industry can be attributed to many workers: machines, chemicals, and extreme weather conditions. Likewise, frontline staff in healthcare services are exposed to both physical and psychological burdens during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Workplace Safety And Memorial Day

Workers’ Memorial Day is not only a memorial commemoration of the fallen heroes but also a part of the bigger picture that is aimed at creating a safe and healthy working environment. It shows clearly the fact that the cost of safety is an increase in expenses and that the life of a human being is the most important one for everyone.

Therefore, safety is the most important priority that employers and employees should focus on. Through the study of history, we can make a future in which fatalities and injuries at work are heavily reduced, if not completely eliminated. This day reminds us that no employee should go home injured at the end of the day and that ensuring workplace safety is a concern for everyone.

Background Of The Workers’ Memorial Day

Workers’ Memorial Day, which was started on April 28th, has its roots in the response of the labor movement to workplace hazards in the United States in the early 1970s. Its founding closely followed the establishment of OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) in 1971, at a time when there was increased awareness and activism for workers’ safety and health rights. By 1989, AFL-CIO had officially set aside a day to honor those who suffer or die due to work conditions.

This day is of much importance because it was on this very day that OSHA began its journey, marking a turning point in the history of occupational safety advocacy. Workers’ Memorial Day has evolved from an internal event into one that is globally recognized because of ILO’s global influence making it so. This is proof of a global commitment to providing safe working conditions everywhere.

osha fatalities report

Recent Workplace Fatalities: A Grim Reality

The latest deaths of workers in various occupations tell us that the problem of safety at work is still a major one, even though there are better safety gear and rules now. These sad events keep reminding us that the risk still exists for the workers.

Looking into these specific cases, we need to consider the individuals who lost their lives while simply doing their jobs. Their stories motivate us to make every workplace a safer place for all.

According to OSHA’s fatalities report, following is the list of the 20 most recent workplace fatalities.



Cause of Death

1. Sarah Scott Snowmobile crash
2. Ahmad Alibrahim Shot by a customer
3. Jeremiah Purches Crushed by an air compressor
4. Joshua Villa Hit by a truck
5. Tyler Webb Drowned in a pond
6. Darren Lee Baddley Hit by a falling crane boom
7. Frank Ingram Run over by a car
8. Carmen Maria Hernandez Ruiz Charron Fell from a mezzanine
9. Adriana Alvarez Died in an explosion while mixing primer
10. Humberto Jeronimo Carrillo Hit by a falling tree limb
11. Bryan Leo Rodriguez Run over by a garbage truck
12. Shad Palmer Electrocuted while fixing a dishwasher
13. Adrian Guerrero Miranda Hit by a falling tree
14. Jacob Moler Killed in a tire roller accident
15. Harvey Snider Hit with a falling tree limb
16. Samuel McKneely Fell from an elevated platform
17. Marcus Blackman Hit by a car
18. Michael Martindale Hit by a truck
19. Alonna Gallon Shot dead by her ex-boyfriend
20. Jesse New Fell through the skylight


These incidents highlight the importance of ongoing vigilance and dedication to workplace safety to prevent future tragedies.

More Than Just Numbers

When we see any reports that a worker died on the job, it is crucial to remember that these people are not just numbers in a spreadsheet. Every person was part of a huge community, which included family, friends, and loved ones. Their death brings great grief to those who knew them and their communities.

Just think of a person like Sara Scott; she could have been a mom, a sister, a friend, or even a best friend. The fact that her family lost an irreplaceable member due to a snowmobile accident, which is her death, is critical to the story’s plot. There could be children at home who have to grow up without their mom now. Her friends and colleagues may be deeply saddened and feel the absence of the happiness she brought into their lives.

Or the case of Ahmad Alibrahim, 21, who was shot by a customer. He had his whole life in front of him at such a young age. His family probably only dreamed of seeing him graduate, start a career, or maybe even start his own family one day. Now, those dreams will never come true.

These stories remind us that behind each workplace, death is a tragedy of life and a story of lost potential and sorrow. The tragedies tear apart not only the families of the victims but also the friends, social and work colleagues, as well as the community. Not only does the loss of a worker to unsafe working conditions deprive the family and friends of that person, but it also is a loss for everyone in society.

The Fight for Safer Workplaces

Safety in the workplace is a shared responsibility that involves all stakeholders, including the government, employers, and employees. It is the duty and the responsibility of the governments to enact laws and regulations that will serve to prevent workers from getting injured. Employers should comply with these regulations and surpass them to a great extent to guarantee safety in their work environment. The main function of labor unions is to speak for workers’ rights and health. They push up the standards that are more secure for workers.

To achieve safe working conditions, keeping OSHA standards is a must. OSHA (which is the Occupational Safety and Health Administration) is the agency in charge of setting and enforcing safety standards to prevent work-related injuries, illnesses, and deaths.

The standards are based on studies conducted over a good number of years and on accepted practices, and they cover different hazards, including toxic chemicals and dangerous machinery. Adherence to OSHA standards by a workplace ensures its employee’s safety, as this results in a decreased chance of accidents and promotes overall health.

The Fight for Safer Workplaces

OSHA’s Outreach Training Program

OSHA also provides an Outreach training program meant to educate workers about their rights and how they can remain safe at work. This program includes many themes, such as determining, lowering, and eliminating environmental risks. It is available for employees and employers in various industries, pointing to the need for knowledge and training that is aimed at lessening the occurrence of workplace accidents. It includes courses like OSHA 30-Hour Construction and OSHA 10-Hour Construction. Participation in this program, both workers and employers, could be the key point to creating a safety culture that protects everyone.


As we reflect on Workers’ Memorial Day and the recent tragedies in various workplaces, it’s important to recognize the human toll behind each incident and renew our commitment to workplace safety. By prioritizing adherence to safety regulations, creating a culture of vigilance, and embracing ongoing education and training, we can honor the memories of those we’ve lost and work towards a future where every worker returns home safely at the end of the day.