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30 Years old Employee Suffers Leg Amputation and a Crushed Pelvis by Industrial vehicle accident, OSHA Imposed Serious Penalties.

After dropping down and being run over by a driven industrial vehicle used to move and stack steel containers at a Chicago shipping centre, an employee had his leg amputated and his pelvis broken. After being authorized to travel unsupervised on the vehicle, the 30-year-old new recruit was injured. Employees at the intermodal freight container shipping facility were allowed to travel unprotected on the reach stacker, in violation of company and OSHA safety protocols, according to OSHA investigators. ITS Conglobal has neglected to provide workers with refresher training or to assess their ability to safely operate driven industrial vehicles every three years, as needed.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration of the United States of America cited ITS Technologies for one intentional violation and two substantial violations, proposing fines worth $156,038. To avoid such injuries and fines, it is most vital to providing all operation-related safety training to the employees. Enrol Now for Industrial vehicle training, safe operations can save lives!



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