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February 17, 2021

The U.S. Department of Occupational Safety and Health has identified two repeated and two very serious violations of trenching regulations by the Oak Grove company and recommended a gross punishment of $299,590. OSHA claims that the company has neglected to have simple precautions against trench erosion, including a trench box or shoring material, and that the worker operating in a trench has been subjected to unsecured electrical and gas pipes. The Organization further reports that the company has required an employee to operate in a trench without head-gear while exposed to overhead risks.

The organization has 15 working days from receipt of its citations and fines to abide by, demand an informal meeting with the OSHA Region Chief, or appeal its claims to the Independent Occupational Safety and Health Evaluation Board. Excavation and Trenching Safety OSHA certification can be found at OSHA Outreach Courses. Safety is priceless!



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