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OSHA fined $205k For Serious Trenching and Excavation Violation.

Trenching and Excavation work are some of the most difficult jobs in construction. Trenches have the potential to crumble around and on top of employees, trapping, covering, and burying them instantly and critically. OSHA issued penalties to Cherokee Pride Construction for two intentional, four recurrent, and three severe offences, with fines of $205,500 proposed. The firm was cited multiple times in 2017 by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration for failing to provide trench staff with personal protection devices.

OSHA Outreach Courses Trenching and Excavation provides various resources to protect workers in trenches, a list of safety guidelines, and protocols. There are several fatal hazards during trenching and excavation operations. All companies must comply with OSHA guidelines and standards. A safe work environment is a right for all employees.

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