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OSHA Training New York: Everything You Need to Know

Despite being the most dangerous of industries, construction has the most sought-after jobs in New York City. Not only is this industry a significant source of employment, but jobs related to construction pay well. The OSHA Training New York is being provided by many providers around the nation.

Chances are if you’re reading this it’s because you’re one of many people looking for a job in the construction industry in New York. As you may know, before you can start working on a job in the city, it is mandatory that you take an OSHA training in NYC or NY State and properly train yourself in the safety and prevention of construction accidents.

OSHA Outreach Courses has helped hundreds of workers like you pass the OSHA Construction Course in NY. You can choose the following two courses to train and learn:

Also, we prepared this list of questions and answers about OSHA courses in New York to help you get as much information as possible on the subject.

Q&A About the OSHA Training In New York

Construction is the most dangerous industry in the country. According to figures from OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), one in ten construction workers is injured every year in the United States. To combat the on-job risks, the Government and Congress created the OSHA Act in 1970, which, since its inception, requires comprehensive safety training for all people who will work in the construction industry. The goal of OSHA and the mandatory OSHA course in New York is nothing more than the pursuit of worker protection and the prevention of construction accidents, which can even be fatal.

What Are OSHA Courses?

What Are OSHA Courses?

OSHA courses in New York are training programs that focus on creating a safe work environment on construction sites in New York. The OSHA Training New York course prepares workers for safety, accident prevention, and professional best practices in the workplace. The OSHA course is mandatory for all construction workers who want to work on any NYC site.

Why Is It Important to Take an OSHA Course?

osha training new york

The answer is simple – because your life and that of your coworkers are important to everyone, including your employers and the government. Attending training programs and courses on safety is the best way to prevent accidents, injuries, and deaths on construction sites. In a job with so many risks, OSHA safety and prevention training is essential to avoid accidents that can be fatal. A poorly assembled scaffold, a poorly constructed chill, or a poorly placed ladder can lead to construction accidents such as falls or personal injury that can even be fatal.

Who Should Take an OSHA Course?

The OSHA Safety and Prevention course is a legal provision designed to protect the integrity of employees in the construction industry. Therefore, this training must be taken by all construction workers who go to work on any site in the five boroughs of New York, regardless of their country of origin, the language they speak, or their immigration status. 

How Long Should an OSHA Course Last?

As of December 1, 2019, construction workers must pass 30 hours of safety training before they can begin work on any job in NYC. This number will increase to 40 hours of compulsory training from September 1, 2020.

It is a requirement that workers should complete at least 62 hours in safety training programs in order to apply for the following positions in the construction industry:

  • Site Safety Manager
  • Concrete Safety Manager
  • Construction Superintendent
  • Work Safety Coordinator

What Do They Teach in OSHA Training New York Course?

OSHA Nyc Training

In OSHA NYC training courses we teach you how to stay safe and prevent construction accidents on New York sitesYou will train on identifying dangers on the construction site and avoiding them without taking any risks. You will then be taught the proper protocols for reporting accidents and risky situations to competent authorities. In addition, we prepare you to take care of your personal safety and avoid injuries and accidents in the workplace. Training is required to be provided in a language that employees understand.

What If I Don’t Have My OSHA Certificate?

What If I Don't Have My OSHA Certificate?Without an authorized OSHA training certificate or a DOL card, you cannot be hired as a construction worker on any of New York city’s sites. If you work in construction without taking the course, the employer, or the construction company that hired you can get into serious trouble. According to regulations, the company will be fined $ 15,000 for each unskilled worker.

Who Can Give an OSHA Certificate?

OSHA certification in safety and prevention can only be given by authorized organizations that meet the requirements imposed by law, especially with regards to the number of hours that training must last.

How Much Does the OSHA NYC Training Cost?

The cost for the OSHA course in New York can range from $ 100 to $ 400. However, OSHA Outreach Courses provide affordable online training courses along with incomparable benefits.

Why Should You Choose OSHA Outreach Courses?

OSHA Outreach Courses currently offer an extensive list of 400+ online safety training courses and resources. The courses and training camp lasts from half a day to several weeks, depending on the type of training, certification, and level.

Individuals can earn wallet DOL cards after completing our online OSHA 10-hour or OSHA 30-hour courses. Here are some of the other benefits of signing up with OSHA Outreach Courses:

  • Get 24/7 help from a dedicated support team
  • 24×7 easy accessibility to online training
  • Access in-depth course completion reporting
  • OSHA certificate and OSHA DOL card (for OSHA 10 and OSHA 30 Hour Outreach graduates)
  • Interactive multimedia courses
  • Affordable, customized Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Instant grading and online certificates
  • Corporate billing and group discounts