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OSHA Violation fined $73,533 to West Farmington Contractor.

OSHA Violation fined $73,533 to West Farmington Contractor.

A 14-year-old boy operating on the roof of a Berea townhouse without proper personal protective gear faced serious injury when he fell 20-feet to the surface, a serious OSHA violation. Instantly after this critical incident, the owner of the firm and three other employees put on personal fall protection gear to finish the roofing job in an obvious effort to hide the fact that the fall safety was not in use at the time.OSHA imposed a fine of $73,533 to the West Farmington Contractor and released a citation for two deliberate, three moderates, and one more serious infringement of OSHA’s safety requirements.

The corporation has 15 business days from receipt of its subpoenas and fines to comply with, seek an informal meeting with the OSHA Region Director, or appeal its conclusions to the Independent Occupational Safety and Health Evaluation Board. All construction companies must comply with OSHA rules and standards to operate with safety. Osha compliance certification can be found at OSHA Outreach Courses.



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