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15 Passenger Van Safety

15 Passenger Van Safety

Driving a van is not like driving a car. 15-passenger vans are more susceptible to rollovers, blind spots, weight distribution issues and special handling requirements. Take this course to learn the things you need to know about driving a 15-passenger van so you can prevent avoidable collisions and injuries. Make sure you and your passengers reach your destination. Ideal learners: 15-passenger van drivers.

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16 min
CEU 0.0
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Course Outline

15 Passenger Van Safety

  • 1. Introduction    

  • 2. The 15-Passenger Van Difference    

  • 3. Before Driving the Van    

  • 4. How to Adjust Your Driving    

  • 5. Hazardous Conditions    

  • 6. Summary    

Learning Objectives

15 Passenger Van Safety

  • Recognize the difference between driving a 15-passenger van and a car.
  • Recall the best way to load a 15-passenger van.
  • Describe how to adjust your driving to account for the differences between cars and 15-passenger vans.
  • Recall potentially hazardous conditions when driving a van and how to adjust your driving to account for them.

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15 Passenger Van Safety

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