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OSHA 30-Hour General Industry

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05/24/2024 - California, United States


Richard P.
05/23/2024 - Rhode Island, United States

Pretty easy

05/21/2024 - CT, United States

I would highly recommend to anyone who's aiming to gain the knowledge needed to become a great electrician like myself.

Manish K.
05/21/2024 - TX, United States

it was great i am totally satisfied with the quality of the product.

Eliezer l.
05/16/2024 - Florida, United States

verry good

Nicolas K.
05/12/2024 - Oregon, United States

very simple and quick.

05/09/2024 - VA, United States

The courses and the tests are very well designed

Nathan W.
05/08/2024 - Louisiana, United States

Very easy love it

05/07/2024 - , United States

The voice recognition feature seems unnecessarily time consuming. It could be improved and simplified. It could be frustrating sometimes.

Edward H.
05/05/2024 - NJ, United States

Very Clear on organize skills of Active Shooter & present Danger of awareness. OSHA 30 SAFETY SKILLS

William Z.
05/05/2024 - White plains, United States

Excelente muy rápido y seguro

Young K.
05/03/2024 - MI, United States

All is good

Anthony B.
05/03/2024 - New York, United States


05/02/2024 - FL, United States

Fahran is an excellent, polite and helpful person! The OSHA Outreach Course website is easy to use, fast, and perfect for our employees. We have used them multiple times and have always had excellent service.

Ricardo M.
05/02/2024 - California, United States

So far good


The OSHA 30 general industry training is an in-depth safety course that dispenses comprehensive education and awareness on an extensive range of essential safety topics based on OSHA general safety and health standards 29 CFR 1910 to foster workplace safety. The OSHA 30 Hour general industry course is primarily for...

The OSHA 30 general industry training is an in-depth safety course that dispenses comprehensive education and awareness on an extensive range of essential safety topics based on OSHA general safety and health standards 29 CFR 1910 to foster workplace safety. The OSHA 30 Hour general industry course is primarily for workers in industries including but not limited to healthcare, manufacturing, warehouse distribution, and retail. 


In addition, the 30-Hour OSHA general industry training is intended for those employees who have already started their careers in general industry and are striving to reach a better designation or are being promoted to a senior job position such as site safety attendants and supervisors and require enhancement in terms of knowledge and expertise pertinent to OSHA regulations. 


By enrolling in OSHA 30 outreach training for the general industry, you will get equipped with workplace safety and understand the importance of personal safety and the well-being of other employees. As an individual with a supervisory role or safety responsibility, OSHA 30 general industry training will enable you to identify and control potential risks and dangers to prevent accidents and injuries. 


Furthermore, obtaining an 30 General OSHA card will provide candidates with high preference over other workers who are not OSHA certified when applying for suitable job roles. Besides, the OSHA 30 certificate serves as proof of your commitment to workplace safety and that you prioritize complying with the Federal OSHA’s requirements by incorporating best practices to maintain safety in your workplace. 


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  • Active Shooter Response Training
  • Human Trafficking 

Course Outline

  • 1. Back Safety and Injury Prevention    

  • 2. Workforce Hazard Recognition    

  • 3. Incident Investigation    

  • 4. Active Shooter Response    

  • 5. Electrical Safety    

  • 6. Lockout/Tagout    

  • 7. Personal Protective Equipment Fundamentals    

  • 8. Hazardous Materials Transportation: Handling Non-Bulk Packages    

  • 9. Intro to Loading Dock Safety    

  • 10. Intro to Pallet Jack Safety and Safe Material storage    

  • 11. Chemical Safety    

  • 12. Compressed Gas Safety    

  • 13. Flammable Liquid Safety    

  • 14. Preventing Spills    

  • 15. Intro to combustible dust hazards    

  • 16. Fatigue and Stress Awareness    

  • 17. Bloodborne Pathogens    

  • 18. Forklift Fundamentals    

  • 19. Winter Weather Driving    

  • 20. Confined Space Entry - Permit Required    

  • 21. X-Ray and Laser Safety    

  • 22. OSHA Work-Related Injury and Illness Recordkeeping    

  • 23. Personal Fall Arrest Systems    

  • 24. Indoor Air Quality    

  • 25. Ergonomics    

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the concept of appropriate lifting techniques, ergonomics, and safe body mechanics and identify common risk factors associated with moving bulky objects to musculoskeletal disorders.
  • Develop the habit of safely handling materials involving chemicals, compressed gasses, and flammable liquids by learning the hazards of such materials to prevent spills that cause injuries and accidents.

Exam & Quiz Information

A minimum of 70% score is required to earn the OSHA 30 card, for which you will be afforded THREE ATTEMPTS to pass the quizzes and the final exam.

In the event of failing all three times or letting your course expire, you will be presented with a one-time use of the Course Reset Button to start over, but if it occurs the second time, you will be suspended from accessing the course and will have to repurchase the course to start your training. Upon completing the 30-Hour General Industry Outreach training and filling in the course evaluation survey, you can print out the downloadable OSHA 30-Hour General Industry certificate. In addition, within 90 days, you will be mailed the OSHA 30-Hour General Industry card, also known as the DOL card, which the U.S. Department of Labor issues.


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