OSHA 10 Construction (Spanish)

El Programa de Entrenamiento de Extensión proporciona información básica sobre seguridad y salud, así como educación, aunque no está diseñado para cumplir todos los requisitos de capacitación del empleador.

El Programa de Entrenamiento de Extensión de OSHA para la Industria de la Construcción ofrece formación para los trabajadores y los empleadores en el reconocimiento, la evitación, la reducción y prevención de los riesgos de seguridad y salud en los lugares de trabajo en la industria de la construcción. El programa también proporciona información sobre los derechos de los trabajadores, las responsabilidades del empleador y cómo presentar una queja. Es importante tener en cuenta que este es un programa voluntario y no genera cumplimiento llave en mano con los requisitos de formación para los estándares de OSHA. Aunque algunos estados, municipios u otras instancias pueden requerir la formación de extensión como una condición para el empleo, no es un requisito federal de OSHA.

PRICE: $55.00 DURATION: 10 hr

Todos nuestros cursos de OSHA están autorizados bajo el nombre de Pure Safety con OSHA.gov

Course Outline

OSHA 10-Hour Construction (Spanish)

  • 1. OSHA Outreach Training Orientation (Spanish)
  • 2. OSHA 10-Hour Learner Responsibilities (Spanish)
  • 3. Introduction to OSHA (US) (Spanish)
  • 4. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Overview for Construction: Protective Characteristics (US) (Spanish)
  • 5. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Overview for Construction: Using and Maintaining PPE (Spanish)
  • 6. Struck By, Caught Between - Staying Out of the Line of Fire (Spanish)
  • 7. Excavation and Trenching Safety (US) (Spanish)
  • 8. Concrete and Masonry Awareness (Spanish)
  • 9. Fall Protection (US) (Spanish)
  • 10. Aerial and Scissor Lifts - Global (Spanish)
  • 11. Ladder Safety for Construction (US) (Spanish)
  • 12. Scaffold Safety Awareness - Global (Spanish)
  • 13. Slips, Trips and Falls for Construction (Spanish)
  • 14. OSHA 10-Hour Midway Progress Report (Spanish)
  • 15. Crane Operator Safety (Spanish)
  • 16. Basic Rigging Awareness (Spanish)
  • 17. Material Handling Practices for Construction (US) (Spanish)
  • 18. Stacking and Storage Practices for Construction (Spanish)
  • 19. Electrical Safety for Construction: Cord and Plug Connected Equipment (US) (Spanish)
  • 20. Electrical Safety for Construction: Power Lines and Lockout/Tagout (LOTO) (US) (Spanish)
  • 21. Hand and Power Tool Safety for Construction (Spanish)
  • 22. Hand, Wrist and Finger Safety (Spanish)
  • 23. Preventing Cuts and Puncture Wounds - Global (Spanish)
  • 24. Hot Work for Construction (Spanish)
  • 25. Fire Extinguisher Safety Awareness (Spanish)
  • 26. Confined Space Awareness for Construction (US) (Spanish)
  • 27. Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Awareness (Spanish)
  • 28. Hazard Communication (Spanish)
  • 29. Health Hazards in Construction (US) (Spanish)
  • 30. Dust Mask - Voluntary Use Guidelines (Spanish)
  • 31. Heat Stress - Global (Spanish)
  • 32. OSHA 10-Hour Wrap Up (Spanish)

Exam & Quiz Information

You must score at least 70% on each module quiz to move forward in the OSHA 10 hour construction safety Training. You will be given up to THREE opportunities to pass each module quiz. Failure to successfully pass the quiz will result in being locked out of this online training program, but the learner can repurchase and start back from the beginning. Once you have successfully completed all of the modules, you must pass a final exam to receive full credit for the 10 hour construction safety training. The exam is 20 questions long and will test your knowledge on information covered throughout the OSHA 10 hour construction safety course. You must make a score of at least 70% to pass this OSHA 10 hour training. You will be given up to THREE opportunities to pass the final exam. Failure to successfully pass the Final Exam will result in being locked out of this online training program, but the learner can repurchase and start back from the beginning. Upon successful completion of this OSHA 10 construction training and the accompanying survey, you will receive a OSHA 10 construction card from the provider of this OSHA training on behalf of the Department of Labor. Each student who successfully completes the program will receive a completion card issued by the U.S. Department of Labor. YOU MUST COMPLETE THE SURVEY AT THE END OF THIS TRAINING TO RECEIVE YOUR DOL CARD.

Once you complete the OSHA 10 hour, you will be provided with a completion confirmation which will be available through your My Training page. Please be aware the confirmation is not an official document. It serves only as evidence of your completion of the OSHA 10 hour training until you receive your official Department of Labor card in the mail. There is a 6 month time limit to complete the 10 hour construction course.


Myles Laven @ RbA Des Moines

It was great, Allowed the employees to go at their own pace.

Bardette Grim @ Fickett Structural Solutions

Really great rates. Simple sign-up process and easy to assign training to employees. Quick response time if any help is needed.

Patrick Farrell @ Farrell Electric Company

I rate you guys as a Five! You provide excellent service.

OSHA 10 Construction (Spanish)
PRICE: $55.00 DURATION: 10 hr