OSHA 10-Hour General Industry

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OSHA 10-Hour General Industry course is designed for General Industry entry level workers to understand safety associated with General Industry.

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To ensure that your workplace facility is healthy and safe in terms of potential site hazards, our 10-Hour General Industry OSHA online training course brings forth essential education for amateur-level workers, who are just starting their career in General Industry, to help them execute correct preventative actions to recognize, manage, and avoid potential site hazards that can lead to deadly consequences such as accidents or even death under the Federal OSHA’s Standards. In addition, at the end of the training candidates get 10-Hour General Industry OSHA course certificate as well as DOL card within 90 days which can give them an advantage over other employees in terms of capability and productivity. To make your OSHA courses budget-friendly, on every purchase of OSHA 10, get one FREE course. After successful completion, OSHA DOL wallet card will be delivered to students within 90 days.


This course includes Job Aid (study guide) and one FREE course in 2 of the below:

FREE Course  

  • Active Shooter Response Training
  • Human Trafficking


Who Needs 10-Hour General Industry OSHA Training?

10-Hour General Industry OSHA Course is good for entry-level general industry workers and is appropriate for workers in the following fields: Manufacturing, Healthcare, Warehousing, Agriculture, Storage, Distribution, and more.
Note: This course is NOT for construction workers

Guide To OSHA 10
osha 10 general

Course Outline

  • 1. Course Overview    

  • 2. Introduction to OSHA    

  • 3. Walking-Working Surfaces    

  • 4. Workplace Fires and Emergencies    

  • 5. Electrical Safety    

  • 6. Personal Protective Equipment    

  • 7. GHS Hazard Communication    

  • 8. Bloodborne Pathogens    

  • 9. Permit-Required Confined Spaces    

  • 10. Lockout/Tagout    

  • 11. Forklift Safety    

  • 12. Final Exam    

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the OSH Act, the functions and resources of OSHA
  • Become aware of the OSHA inspection priorities and describe the inspection process
  • Know the rights and responsibilities of employers and employees under the OSH Act
  • Hazards associated with slips, trips, falls associated with walking and working surfaces
  • Hazards associated with effective Egress and fire protection program
  • Hazards associated with outline the general requirements for general safety standards
  • Hazards associated with flammable and combustible liquids and gasses
  • Hazards associated with chemicals
  • Hazards associated with electrical equipments
  • Hazards associated with value of personal protective equipment, usage and limitations
  • Hazards associated with the basic elements of a safety and health program
  • Explain the importance of OSHA in providing a safe and healthy workplace for workers covered by OSHA.
  • To avoid slips, trips, and falls at work, adhere to OSHA rules for walkways and workstations.
  • Also, you must be familiar with safe work practices for erecting, maintaining, and utilizing scaffolds, ladders, and stairs.
  • Describe the OSHA guidelines for emergency action plans, escape routes, fire prevention measures, and portable fire extinguisher regulations.
  • Determine safe working methods when handling electricity, including comprehension of electrical terminology, basic electrical safety principles, and relevant legal requirements.

Exam & Quiz Information

You must score at least 70% to pass this OSHA 10 training. You will be given up to THREE opportunities to pass the quizzes and final exam. Failure to pass quizzes and the final exam will result in being locked out of this online training program, but the learner can repurchase and start back from the beginning. Upon completing this OSHA 10-Hour General Industry training and the accompanying survey, you will receive an OSHA 10 card from the provider of this OSHA training on behalf of the Department of Labor. Students who successfully complete the program will receive a completion card issued by the U.S. Department of Labor. YOU MUST COMPLETE THE SURVEY AT THE END OF THIS TRAINING TO RECEIVE YOUR DOL CARD


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