Chemical Facility Security Awareness Training

Chemical Facility Security Awareness Training

What would you do if you saw someone standing outside your facility’s fence taking pictures of your chemical trucks and tanks? Would you know how to react if you found someone sneaking into your building and trying to access a restricted area? If you found a suspicious package, would you know how to handle it? The goal of this course is to help you notice these types of situations and know what to do about them. It’s important to note that every facility has its own specific security procedures that you’ll need to follow. This course will lay the foundation; it’s up to you to learn your facility’s specific procedures!

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Course Outline

  • 1. Introduction    

  • 2. Assessing the Situation    

  • 3. Purpose of CPR    

  • 4. First Steps    

  • 5. Compressions    

  • 6. Breathing    

  • 7. Recovery Position    

  • 8. CPR Cycle and Alerting Officials    

  • 9. Conclusion    

Learning Objectives

  • Recall your role in keeping your facility secure.
  • Recognize common chemical facility security risks.
  • Identify ways to reduce chemical facility security risks.
  • Know that increased threat levels require increased vigilance.
  • Recall what to do when you notice a security risk.


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    Chemical Facility Security Awareness Training

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