Combustible Dust

Combustible Dust

Combustible dust is a very serious danger, and one that many people have never heard of. Any material that burns in a solid form can be explosive when in a finely divided form. This course provides a general understanding of the hazards, precautions, and potential consequences associated with combustible dust in the workplace. It will help learners recognize combustible dust hazards at their location and provide good housekeeping practices that will help minimize the likelihood of a fire or explosion in the workplace. This course does not provide technical information suitable to engineers who design, build, and maintain equipment and facilities. Ideal learners are all employees.

PRICE: $24.95 DURATION: 25 min LANGUAGE: English


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Really great rates. Simple sign-up process and easy to assign training to employees. Quick response time if any help is needed.

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I rate you guys as a Five! You provide excellent service.

Combustible Dust
PRICE: $24.95 DURATION: 25 min