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DOT Driver Compliance (US)

DOT Driver Compliance (US)

This training covers some important U.S. Department of Transportation (or DOT) rules that all Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV) drivers are required to follow. These rules include the qualifications you must have as a driver, Hours-of-Service regulations, how to fill in your logbook correctly, requirements for inspections, safety equipment you need to have onboard your truck, whistleblower protections, and some Hazardous Materials (or HAZMAT) issues. The purpose of all of these rules is to keep you and everyone else on the road safe.

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32 min
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Course Outline

DOT Driver Compliance (US)

  • 1. Introduction    

  • 2. Regulated Vehicles    

  • 3. DOT Requirements    

  • 4. Hours-of-Service Regulations    

  • 5. Logging Hours    

  • 6. Inspections and Safety Requirements    

  • 7. Drug and Alcohol Testing    

  • 8. HAZMAT Compliance    

  • 9. Reporting    

  • 10. DOT Audits    

  • 11. CSA Program    

  • 12. Conclusion    

Learning Objectives

DOT Driver Compliance (US)

  • Recall the documents and other requirements needed for a qualified driver.
  • Know the Hours-of-Service regulations, including the maximum daily and weekly driving times and the daily and weekly on-duty and off-duty time requirements.
  • Know how to correctly fill out a daily log sheet.
  • Know how to ensure that all required inspections are conducted when needed.
  • Recall important HAZMAT compliance issues.
  • Identify whistleblower protections for safety issue reporting.
  • Know what a DOT auditor will look for during an inspection.

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DOT Driver Compliance (US)

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