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Egress and Emergency Action Plans Awareness

Egress and Emergency Action Plans Awareness

Each year, more than 200 deaths and 5,000 injuries result from fires and explosions in the workplace. The National Fire Protection Association reported over 115,000 non-residential structural fires in a recent year, accounting for $2.4 billion in direct property damage. Those are the losses due to fires, but there are other hazardous situations that can threaten a worker's life and limb. These include severe weather, medical emergencies, chemical release, and bomb threats. We can't completely eliminate dangerous workplace situations, but we can reduce the number of associated injuries and deaths attributable to these incidents. This course will focus on two important aspects of this effort: egress and emergency action plans.

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Course Outline

Egress and Emergency Action Plans Awareness

  • 1. Introduction    

  • 2. Basics of Egress    

  • 3. Detailed Elements of Egress    

  • 4. Emergency Action Plans    

  • 5. EAP Core Elements    

  • 6. Evacuation    

  • 7. Conclusion    

Learning Objectives

Egress and Emergency Action Plans Awareness

  • The components of an exit route.
  • The fundamental requirements of egress.
  • The detailed elements of egress.
  • The core elements of emergency action plans.

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Egress and Emergency Action Plans Awareness

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