Fall Protection

Fall Protection

Falling at work is a serious matter. Consider the following true story. An employee was doing some roofing work. To clean his work area, he was standing near an eave and tossing old materials into a receptacle on the ground below. He was not wearing the proper personal protective equipment, and he was not using fall protection. He suddenly lost his balance and dropped 4 meters to the ground below. He died instantly. Consider the difference it could have made if the employee had been wearing gear designed to prevent or suspend his fall. Your employer never wants you to end up like this worker. That’s why you’re taking this course. Our goal is to give you valuable information about fall hazards and how to protect yourself around them.

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Course Outline

  • 1. Introduction    

  • 2. Common Fall Hazards    

  • 3. Need for Fall Protection    

  • 4. Types of Fall Protection    

  • 5. Fall Protection Planning    

  • 6. Personal Fall Protection Methods    

  • 7. Personal Fall Protection Components    

  • 8. Lanyards    

  • 9. Anchorage and Lifelines    

  • 10. Inspection, Storage and Rescue    

  • 11. Summary    

Learning Objectives

  • Identify common fall hazards.
  • Recognize the types of equipment and methods that can be used to prevent you from falling or protect you from serious injury should you fall.
  • Additional information about site fall hazards and precautions.
  • Additional information about proper use, inspection, maintenance and storage information of the particular fall protection systems being used.
  • An opportunity to demonstrate proper donning and use of fall protection systems, and
  • Retraining to maintain competency.


    What is fall protection training?

    What are the OSHA fall protection safety requirements?

    What topics are covered in OSHA fall protection training?

    Can third-party trainers provide OSHA-compliant fall protection training?

    How often should fall protection training be provided to employees?

    Who needs to undergo OSHA fall protection training?

    What are the major methods for fall protection?


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    Fall Protection

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