Fire Extinguisher Safety for Construction Parts 1-2 (US)

Fire Extinguisher Safety for Construction Parts 1-2 (US)

Making poor choices during a fire emergency can make things worse instead of better. Attempting to fight a fire that is too big could put you in danger. Using the wrong extinguishing agent could cause the fire to spread. Take the courses in this suite to learn basic guidelines for making smart, safe choices in the event of a fire. This suite is ideal for anyone who works in the construction industry.

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Course Outline

Fight or Flee (US)

  • 1. Introduction    

  • 2. Know the Risks    

  • 3. Fight or Flee?    

  • 4. Practice Deciding    

  • 5. Fire-Fighting Overview    

  • 6. Conclusion    

Using Extinguishers (US)

  • 1. Introduction    

  • 2. How Extinguishers Work    

  • 3. Fire and Extinguisher Types    

  • 4. Fire-Fighting Overview    

  • 5. PASS Method    

  • 6. Best Practices    

  • 7. Conclusion    


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Fire Extinguisher Safety for Construction Parts 1-2 (US)

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