First Aid - Module 03 - Basic Life Support

First Aid - Module 03 - Basic Life Support

When victims are not breathing or their hearts are not beating, every second counts! This module will refresh your memory about how to recognize cardiac incidents, perform CPR, treat choking and put victims in the recovery position. Learners include employees who have already taken in-depth first aid training.

PRICE: $24.95 DURATION: 19 min LANGUAGE: English


Myles Laven @ RbA Des Moines

It was great, Allowed the employees to go at their own pace.

Bardette Grim @ Fickett Structural Solutions

Really great rates. Simple sign-up process and easy to assign training to employees. Quick response time if any help is needed.

Patrick Farrell @ Farrell Electric Company

I rate you guys as a Five! You provide excellent service.

Mary Buchaklian @ Southport Heating & Plumbing

Your service has been great and very responsive when I have needed help or had to add on any additions to the trainings I purchased.

First Aid - Module 03 - Basic Life Support
PRICE: $24.95 DURATION: 19 min