HazMat Transportation - Part 5 - Labeling and Placarding

HazMat Transportation - Part 5 - Labeling and Placarding

Do you recognize these? Hazard warning labels and placards communicate the risks hazardous materials pose during transportation and, like you – the general public – carriers and emergency responders from around the world recognize them immediately due to their distinctive shape and design. In this module, we’ll touch on the design specifications briefly. But the focus will be on the labeling and placarding requirements, as well as your role in labeling and placarding hazardous materials. We do want to point out that the requirements for labeling and placarding hazardous materials can be complex and they can change periodically. So always refer to the current version of the Hazardous Materials Regulations (commonly known as the HMR) in Title 49 of the Code of Federal Regulations (or 49 CFR).

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Course Outline

  • 1. Introduction    

  • 2. Labeling and Placarding Requirements    

  • 3. Labels    

  • 4. Placards    

  • 5. Special Provisions and Exceptions    

  • 6. Conclusion    

Learning Objectives

  • The UN, or United Nations Recommendations.
  • IMDG, or International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code;
  • ICAO, or International Civil Aviation Organization Technical Instructions.
  • IATA or International Air Transport Association Regulations.
  • The TDG, or Transport Dangerous Goods Regulations.
  • Once you complete this module on labeling and placarding, you should be able to:
  • Identify the general requirements for affixing labels and placards to hazardous material (or HAZMAT) shipments.
  • Determine when exceptions to these requirements apply, as well as when modifications can be made to labels and placards.
  • Use the labeling and placarding tables to select the appropriate labels and placards for hazardous materials.


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    HazMat Transportation - Part 5 - Labeling and Placarding

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