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Lab Safety

Lab Safety

Working in a laboratory setting involves the use of many potentially hazardous chemicals. Hazardous situations can occur if general chemical safety and laboratory procedures are not followed. A laboratory safety program depends on every employee's participation and cooperation. This course will describe common hazards associated with laboratory environments and will introduce ways to control and limit chemical exposure.

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Course Outline

Lab Safety

  • 1. Introduction    

  • 2. Chemical Hygiene Plan    

  • 3. Routes of Exposure    

  • 4. Chemical Hazards and Effects    

  • 5. Chemical Information    

  • 6. Engineering Controls    

  • 7. Administrative Controls and PPE    

  • 8. Other Lab Hazards    

  • 9. Cylinders    

  • 10. Electrical Hazards    

  • 11. Ergonomics    

  • 12. General Safety Rules    

  • 13. Emergency Response    

  • 14. Spills, Housekeeping and Disposal    

  • 15. Conclusion    

Learning Objectives

Lab Safety

  • Identify the most common routes of chemical exposure in a laboratory setting.
  • Identify common hazards found in the laboratory environment.
  • Identify control methods that reduce chemical exposure.
  • Recall general rules of lab safety.
  • Know appropriate responses to various emergencies such as exposure, spills, and fire.
  • Identify proper handling, storage, and disposal methods of hazardous chemicals.

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Lab Safety

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