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Making Ethical Decisions

Making Ethical Decisions

Our employees have high ethical standards. We trust that our employees know right from wrong and that they would never knowingly cheat a customer or steal from the company. But, making the ethical choice in business takes more than just common sense or a desire to “do the right thing.” Often, making ethical business decisions requires choosing among two or more courses of action that may each seem right — although they may be in conflict with one another. Furthermore, complex laws and policies govern many ethics situations in the workplace, especially in today’s global business environment. Finding the best course of action is not always easy.

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Course Outline

Making Ethical Decisions

  • 1. Overview    

  • 2. Ethical Business Conduct    

  • 3. Resources    

  • 4. Conflicts of Interest    

  • 5. Confidential Information    

  • 6. Company Resources    

  • 7. Books and Records    

  • 8. Harassment    

  • 9. Reporting    

  • 10. Conclusion    

Learning Objectives

Making Ethical Decisions

  • Recognize how to identify and resolve ethics issues and concerns.
  • Identify how to get help when you are unsure of the best course of action.

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Making Ethical Decisions

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