Office Safety - International

Office Safety - International

Although accidents involving office personnel generally occur less frequently than mishaps to industrial workers, they do still occur and can result in serious injuries and even death. A broken bone sustained from a fall in an office costs just as much to treat as a broken bone caused by a fall in the plant. Although most office injuries are not serious, even slight injuries may result in lost workdays, which interfere with normal operations. Working in an office brings with it a set of health and safety concerns. In addition to obvious hazards such as slippery floors or an open file drawer, a modern office may also contain hazards such as poor lighting, noise, poorly designed furniture, chemicals, and equipment and machines that emit gases and vapors. Office safety is everyone's responsibility. It involves two major factors: first, you must understand what you can do to stay safe on the job; and second, you need to be aware of how to correct unsafe conditions. This course will provide you with the information you need to work more safely in your office environment.

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Course Outline

Office Safety - International

  • 1. Introduction   

  • 2. Common Office Hazards   

  • 3. Parking Lots   

  • 4. Emergency Response   

  • 5. Proper Lifting Techniques   

  • 6. Reporting an Injury   

  • 7. Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle   

  • 8. PPE   

  • 9. Workplace Security   

  • 10. Conclusion   

Learning Objectives

Office Safety - International

  • Identify common office hazards faced by office workers, including slip, trip and fall hazards, hazards involving tools and equipment, and electrical and flammable hazards.
  • Take Hazard Communication training and use Safety Data Sheets and labels to learn about the hazards of materials you work with.
  • Describe the actions to take in case of an emergency in the office.
  • Use proper lifting techniques and recognize how to minimize risk potential for sprains and strains.
  • Define the injury reporting process and identify when you should report an injury.
  • Explain how a healthy lifestyle, including eating sensibly, exercising, and refraining from smoking, can reduce your risk of injury and illness.
  • List the proper personal protective equipment to use when visiting locations outside the office environment.
  • Describe common security policies.

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Office Safety - International