Personal Protective Equipment Overview for Construction: Using and Maintaining PPE

Personal Protective Equipment Overview for Construction: Using and Maintaining PPE

PPE is intended to separate workers and worksite hazards, but the barrier between can be compromised. For example, while a certain type rubber glove may provide exceptional resistance to one chemical, it may melt to your hand when exposed to another chemical. Not all PPE can be used for all kinds of activities. You also need to make sure PPE is the correct size and fit for YOU! Consider this; if you are not wearing a properly fitting respirator, you risk inhaling dangerous substances like dusts, fumes or gases. If you are wearing improperly fitting hearing protection, you risk hearing damage. Maintaining PPE is just as important as knowing how to use it! For example, if you are working with electricity and wearing gloves with holes (even if they're too small to be seen), you risk electrical shock. PPE effectiveness depends a great deal on proper use and maintenance and that’s why you are taking this training.

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Course Outline

  • 1. Introduction    

  • 2. Wearing PPE    

  • 3. Maintaining PPE    

  • 4. Summary    

Learning Objectives

  • Your responsibilities for selecting and maintaining PPE.
  • When finished, you should be able to:
  • Recognize the principles of proper PPE use, care and maintenance.

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