Pre-Job Briefings

Pre-Job Briefings

Every day, all over the world, work takes place. There are many risks associated with this type of work, and many different safety precautions are required depending on what is being done, as well as where and by whom it is carried out. How do you make sure that everyone involved knows what’s going to happen and what they need to do to avoid injury as they work? Obviously, workers need to be trained to know how to do their jobs properly and how to work safely around job risks. But good training alone won’t prepare them for the changing conditions they’ll face on the job. That’s why pre-job briefings are so important and that’s why you’re taking this training today.

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Course Outline

  • 1. Introduction    

  • 2. Definition and Occurrence    

  • 3. Conducting and Documenting    

  • 4. Conclusion    

Learning Objectives

  • What a pre-job briefing is.
  • When it takes place.
  • What it covers.
  • Who conducts it.
  • How it should be documented.


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    Pre-Job Briefings

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