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Process Safety Management: Overview (US)

Process Safety Management: Overview (US)

Unexpected releases of toxic, reactive, and flammable liquids and gases have caused great harm and numerous deaths. Such events underscore the need for better industry practices and safety management controls. This course introduces the structure of a process safety management (PSM) program for processes involving highly hazardous chemicals. Topics in this course include: Application of PSM, Elements of a PSM Program, and Employee Involvement. After completing this course, learners will be able to recognize the components of a PSM program, the companies and processes that fall under PSM regulations, and the importance of employee involvement in a PSM program. This is the first in a series of courses on process safety management.

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Course Outline

Process Safety Management: Overview (US)

  • 1. Chapter 1    

  • 2. Chapter 2    

  • 3. Chapter 3    

  • 4. Chapter 4    

  • 5. Chapter 5    

Learning Objectives

Process Safety Management: Overview (US)

  • Comprehensive management program regulated by OSHA.
  • Integrates technologies and procedures.
  • Components of PSM.
  • Companies and processes under PSM.
  • Importance of employee involvement.

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Process Safety Management: Overview (US)

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