Process Safety Management (PSM) (US)

Process Safety Management (PSM) (US)

When managing hazards associated with work processes using highly hazardous chemicals, Process Safety Management, or PSM, programs require active participation by both the employer and the employee to prevent harm from coming to hundreds and thousands of people. In this course, you will learn about proactive identification, evaluation and either prevention or mitigation of chemical releases that result from failures in processes, procedures or equipment. This course is ideal for supervisors, managers and other employees who are unfamiliar with the purpose and general requirements of PSM programs.

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Course Outline

  • 1. Introduction    

  • 2. Definition and Purpose    

  • 3. Review What Is PSM?    

  • 4. Process Hazard Analysis    

  • 5. Operating Procedures    

  • 6. Investigations and Audits    

  • 7. Summary    

Learning Objectives

  • Define the purpose of a Process Safety Management, or PSM, program.
  • Know when OSHA requires a PSM program.
  • Recall employer responsibilities regarding PSM programs.
  • Recognize what is included in training about a PSM program.
  • Recognize elements of a Process Hazard Analysis, or PHA.
  • Identify elements of written operating procedures, incident investigations, emergency planning and compliance audits.


    What is the process safety management training?

    What are the pillars of the Process Safety Management course online?

    How can an organization ensure compliance with OSHA PSM training requirements?

    How much time does the process safety management training take to complete?

    Why is OSHA PSM training important?

    How often should employee training be conducted under the PSM standard?

    What topics are covered in PSM training?

    Who can take a process safety management course?


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    Process Safety Management (PSM) (US)

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