Sexual Harassment Prevention for Managers (US)

Sexual Harassment Prevention for Managers (US)

Potential sexual harassment entanglements can appear anywhere in the work environment and in many different forms. As a manager, you need to be on constant alert about what goes on in your workplace and know how to deal with inappropriate and unlawful behaviors. This course provides practical examples designed to raise management awareness of potential employee issues and the legal liabilities associated with sexual harassment. To fulfill the two-hour sexual harassment training requirements of California AB 1825, this course should be taken in conjunction with Sexual Harassment and Abusive Conduct Prevention for Managers (California AB 1825 and 2053).

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Course Outline

  • 1. Introduction    

  • 2. Scenarios: What Would You Do?    

  • 3. Reasons for Harassment    

  • 4. Defining Sexual Harassment    

  • 5. Prevalence of Harassment    

  • 6. History    

  • 7. Lawsuits and Other Costs    

  • 8. Tort Law    

  • 9. Punitive Damages and Hidden Costs    

  • 10. Conclusion    

Learning Objectives

  • List and define the different types of sexual harassment.
  • Identify appropriate, inappropriate and illegal behaviors through factual scenarios.
  • Become familiar with federal laws and legal trends for sexual harassment.
  • List the actual and hidden costs of sexual harassment.
  • List and apply methods for minimizing sexual harassment and resolving complaints.
  • Identify and explain the role of the manager in reducing potential legal liability.


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    Sexual Harassment Prevention for Managers (US)

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