US Trade Controls

US Trade Controls

Situations that are governed by US trade control laws can be complex. When involved in situations associated with export and import control, economic sanctions or antiboycott regulations, you may need to seek guidance from the law department. An affiliate located outside the US asks you to use an unknown forwarder to expedite a shipment to a new location. A European-based customer asks you to quote a price for parts. The end-use destination is Iran. You receive a request for information that asks about our company’s historical dealings with companies friendly to Israel. This course will help you recognize situations like these that might lead to trade control violations.

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Course Outline

  • 1. Overview    

  • 2. Trade Control    

  • 3. Regulatory Environment    

  • 4. Item and Classification    

  • 5. Destination    

  • 6. Receiving Party    

  • 7. High-Risk Factors    

  • 8. Boycotts    

  • 9. End Use    

  • 10. Export License    

  • 11. Documentation and Disclosure    

  • 12. Conclusion    

Learning Objectives

  • Recognize potential US trade control violations by clarifying the laws and company policies and educating you about how to screen requests in order to determine whether or not there are trade control issues.
  • Recognize those situations where you need assistance and the avenues for finding help.


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    US Trade Controls

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