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Work Secure: Security Measures for Employees

Work Secure: Security Measures for Employees

Headlines reflect a dangerous world. Stories abound of violence and mayhem, yet the reality is dismissed with thoughts like, “but that couldn’t happen here” or “it’s not going to happen to me.” Over 13,000 women are assaulted every year at work by a “significant other.” Terrorist attacks, workplace violence incidents, and homicide in the workplace all occur more frequently than we like to think. These frightening facts lead to the realization that your safety is an issue, even while at work. Employers are required to ensure that their employees are safe while at work; employees can take steps to further ensure their own safety.

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Course Outline

  • 1. Overview    

  • 2. General Security    

  • 3. Procedures    

  • 4. Emergencies    

  • 5. Prevention    

  • 6. Conclusion    

Learning Objectives

  • Identify your responsibilities in helping protect yourself and your company against theft, violence, and damage to the facilities.
  • Identify measures you can take to further strengthen security.


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Work Secure: Security Measures for Employees

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