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Bench Grinder Safety

Bench Grinder Safety

Picture this: You're grinding a piece of metal. The work piece binds between the work rest and the wheel of your grinder. The wheel shatters. Shrapnel flies toward you at almost 50 kilometers per hour. That’s not very fast when you’re driving a car, but when debris is being propelled toward you at that speed, it’s lightning quick! And that is at just 1,000 RPM. Many wheels operate at up to 3,600 RPM. At that rate, jagged wheel particles will be thrown out at well over 160 kilometers per hour – a force great enough to penetrate soft tissue, including your neck, eyes and face!

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Course Outline

Bench Grinder Safety

  • 1. Introduction    

  • 2. Causes of Injury and Equipment Safety Features    

  • 3. General Precautions    

  • 4. Tips for Safe Use    

  • 5. Maintenance and Repair    

  • 6. Summary    

Learning Objectives

Bench Grinder Safety

  • Recognize common causes of injury associated with bench grinders.
  • Identify the main safety features of a bench grinder.
  • Recall general precautions and tips for safe use.
  • Order the steps to replace a grinding wheel.

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Bench Grinder Safety

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