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Hazardous Chemical Information (Chinese)

Hazardous Chemical Information (Chinese)

您有可能参加此危险化学信息课程并不感到特别兴奋。但这是一个重要的主题,这就是为什么您的雇主要求您用宝贵的时间来参加此培训的原因。那么,为什么有害化学信息很重要?最好的解释方法是告诉您一个真实的故事。 一个下午,一名员工在一个很小的空间里使用脱漆剂。尽管她不知道,但她使用的脱漆剂是一种危险的化学物质。 她的公司没有危险的化学信息程序,因此她的老板没有告诉她脱漆剂对健康的潜在危害。她没有意识到自己需要戴着手套,长袖和呼吸防护来保护自己。她也应该一直在使用通风系统。 不幸的是,她从化学物质中吸收了蒸气并将其吸收到皮肤上,然后被人体吸收。不幸的是,她被发现在开始使用该产品五个小时后就死了。 花点时间考虑一下危险的化学信息如何预防了这一悲剧。如果她知道脱漆剂有潜在危险,那么她会做些什么?如果她知道如何保护自己免受暴露,她今天还能活着吗? 尚无定论,但拥有正确的知识可能会改变生与死。这就是为什么我们有危险化学信息计划的原因,这就是为什么您今天要参加本课程。

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06/19/2024 - NV, United States


Brenda K.
06/18/2024 - VA, United States

The program is very easy to use. It allows you the option to go back and review any information that you are unclear about. Very informative. The program does not have long drawn-out videos. I definitely like the way that each module shows a reference to the last module.

Nelson S.
06/17/2024 - FL, United States

It is very easy. I loved it.

Didier P.
06/15/2024 - , FRANCE

I had to take OSHA courses because I had to work in the USA

06/15/2024 - Oklahoma, United States

Very quick

Jaylen B.
06/14/2024 - IL, United States

it was well

Kenneth L.
06/14/2024 - TX, United States

I have purchased both OSHA 30 courses plus the additional free courses I received with purchase. They were very easy to follow and had ample time to complete all the courses. I would highly recommend this platform for anyone that needs these certifications.

Anonymous Customer
06/14/2024 - PA, United States

great experience.

Hyung J.
06/14/2024 - California, United States

All good

Sean S.
06/14/2024 - Indiana, United States

Pricing is fair and customer service was great!

06/10/2024 - MA, United States

They were quick and responsive stayed with me in the phone to complete payment. They also answered the questions I had about how to complete the training.

Jong C.
06/10/2024 - GA, United States


Yalonda S.
06/06/2024 - VA, United States


Audra M.
06/06/2024 - Massachusetts, United States

Thank you for walking me through the process!

05/28/2024 - TX, United States

Not bad. Not as good as other outreach providers, but not bad.

Course Outline

  • 1. 介绍    

  • 2. 有害化学信息计划    

  • 3. 危害性    

  • 4. 职责范围    

  • 5. 标签    

  • 6. 安全数据表(SDS)    

  • 7. 信息与培训    

  • 8. 结论    

Learning Objectives

  • 说明危险化学信息计划的目的。
  • 确认书面危险化学信息计划中应包括的内容。


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Hazardous Chemical Information (Chinese)

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