Heat Stress

Heat Stress

If you’re taking this course, you are exposed to heat during the course of your job. You may work around hot equipment or outside on hot days. Or maybe you work in a foundry, mine, bakery, or any other hot or humid environment. You are around heat enough that your employer feels it is important for you to know the effect heat can have on your body. Heat can cause injuries and illnesses. You may already be familiar with sunburns and dehydration. Some consequences of heat stress can be even more extreme. For example, did you know that heat can reduce the amount of blood getting to your brain to the point that you have poor judgment and take unreasonable risks? Or you can get heat stroke and faint. Heat stress can even kill you! This course is going to explain the risks so that you can be aware of symptoms and protect yourself and your co-workers.

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Course Outline

  • 1. Introduction    

  • 2. Coping with Heat    

  • 3. Safety Problems    

  • 4. Safe Practices    

  • 5. Heat Illness    

  • 6. Special Considerations    

  • 7. Summary    

Learning Objectives

  • Describe how the body handles heat.
  • State the most common safety problems associated with heat.
  • List the symptoms of the common health problems associated with exposure to heat and how to treat them.
  • Give examples of ways to reduce the likelihood of heat stress.
  • Discuss special considerations to keep in mind when working in hot environments.
  • Describe the benefits and basic elements of a written heat illness program.


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    Heat Stress

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