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Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Overview (US)

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Overview (US)

Some people think of personal protective equipment, or PPE, as a nuisance. Maybe it is uncomfortable, or maybe putting it on adds time to a task. All too often, people think “I’ll skip it just this once” or “nothing is going to happen to me.” Consider this case of a worker in a factory. He was repairing a chain on a pallet hand truck. He didn’t have his safety glasses on and didn’t want to stop to find them since he just needed to make a quick repair and move on. Within seconds of starting the repair, a metal rod shot out from the pallet truck. It embedded in his left eye. At the hospital, doctors did everything they could but were unable to repair the damage. The worker lost his eye. If you asked this worker if saving a few minutes on this task was worth losing an eye, what do you think he would say? Obviously it wasn’t worth it! We have no way of knowing when deciding not to wear PPE is going to result in an injury or even death. That’s why it is important to always wear the appropriate PPE for any task. You are taking this training so that you can recognize workplace hazards and identify the PPE you need to wear to protect yourself.

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06/19/2024 - NV, United States


Brenda K.
06/18/2024 - VA, United States

The program is very easy to use. It allows you the option to go back and review any information that you are unclear about. Very informative. The program does not have long drawn-out videos. I definitely like the way that each module shows a reference to the last module.

Nelson S.
06/17/2024 - FL, United States

It is very easy. I loved it.

Didier P.
06/15/2024 - , FRANCE

I had to take OSHA courses because I had to work in the USA

06/15/2024 - Oklahoma, United States

Very quick

Jaylen B.
06/14/2024 - IL, United States

it was well

Kenneth L.
06/14/2024 - TX, United States

I have purchased both OSHA 30 courses plus the additional free courses I received with purchase. They were very easy to follow and had ample time to complete all the courses. I would highly recommend this platform for anyone that needs these certifications.

Anonymous Customer
06/14/2024 - PA, United States

great experience.

Hyung J.
06/14/2024 - California, United States

All good

Sean S.
06/14/2024 - Indiana, United States

Pricing is fair and customer service was great!

06/10/2024 - MA, United States

They were quick and responsive stayed with me in the phone to complete payment. They also answered the questions I had about how to complete the training.

Jong C.
06/10/2024 - GA, United States


Yalonda S.
06/06/2024 - VA, United States


Audra M.
06/06/2024 - Massachusetts, United States

Thank you for walking me through the process!

05/28/2024 - TX, United States

Not bad. Not as good as other outreach providers, but not bad.

Course Outline

  • 1. Introduction    

  • 2. Workplace Hazards    

  • 3. PPE Requirements and Responsibilities    

  • 4. Head, Eye, Face and Hearing PPE    

  • 5. Hand, Body, Foot and Leg PPE    

  • 6. Respirators    

  • 7. Wearing PPE    

  • 8. Maintaining PPE    

  • 9. Summary    

Learning Objectives

  • Identify different types of PPE.
  • Recognize the principles of proper PPE use, care and maintenance.


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Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Overview (US)

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