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Preventing Workplace Harassment - Employees (US)

Preventing Workplace Harassment - Employees (US)

Victims of harassment have well-established rights under federal law and, in many cases, under state and local law, too. As an employee working today, you need to know what harassment and discrimination are – and what they’re not. You need to be aware that there are laws that prohibit discrimination and harassment in the workplace, in addition to an anti-harassment policy in your organization. You also need to know what you can do to prevent and respond to workplace harassment. That’s what you’re going to learn in this course. Everyone deserves a respectful workplace, and this program will help you be able to do your part in creating one. So click the Next button and we’ll get started!

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Course Outline

Preventing Workplace Harassment - Employees (US)

  • 1. Introduction    

  • 2. The Work Environment    

  • 3. Discrimination    

  • 4. Illegal Harassment    

  • 5. Your Employer's Responsibilities    

  • 6. When Harassment Occurs    

  • 7. Conclusion    

Learning Objectives

Preventing Workplace Harassment - Employees (US)

  • Describe the laws that prohibit workplace harassment.
  • State the legally “protected classes”.
  • List the elements of a sound anti-harassment policy.
  • Provide definitions and examples of discrimination, harassment and sexual harassment.
  • Give examples of quid pro quo and hostile work environment.
  • State the actions to take if you become aware of workplace harassment.
  • Discuss your role as in preventing workplace harassment and promoting respectful behavior.

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Preventing Workplace Harassment - Employees (US)

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