Radiofrequency (RF) Training

Radiofrequency (RF) Training

Many consumer and industrial products and applications make use of radiofrequency (RF) energy. RF energy includes radio waves and microwaves, which is used for providing telecommunications, broadcast and other services. Although RF energy has many important uses, it also poses some significant health risks you need to understand if you may be exposed to RF. In this course, you will learn about these risks and what you can do to avoid them.

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Course Outline

  • 1. Introduction    

  • 2. What Is RF Energy?    

  • 3. Review (What Is RF Energy?)    

  • 4. Hazards    

  • 5. Safety Precautions    

  • 6. Emergencies    

  • 7. Conclusion    

Learning Objectives

  • Define RF energy.
  • Identify RF sources.
  • Recall the safety and health hazards associated with RF exposure.
  • Know safety precautions to take to avoid overexposure to RF.
  • Know what to do if someone has been overexposed to RF.


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    Radiofrequency (RF) Training

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