OSHA 10 Equivalent (Construction) (International)

OSHA 10 Equivalent (Construction) (International)

OSHA 10-Hour Equivalent Construction (international) course provides training in identifying and assessing risks associated with the construction industry. Students will learn about the root causes of workplace injuries, illnesses, and incidents that will minimize risks for both employers and workers. This course emphasizes the importance of safety and health and takes advantage of a safety leadership opportunity. You will be able to: - Collect and review information about the hazards present or likely to be present in the workplace. - Conduct initial and periodic workplace inspections of the workplace to identify new or recurring risks. - Investigate injuries, illnesses, incidents, and close calls/near misses to determine underlying hazards.

PRICE: $59.00 DURATION: 537 min LANGUAGE: English CEU: 0.9


Course Outline

OSHA 10 Equivalent (Construction) (International)

  • 1. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Overview for Construction: Protective Characteristics
  • 2. Personal Protective Equipment Overview for Construction: Using and Maintaining PPE
  • 3. Struck By, Caught Between - Staying Out of the Line of Fire
  • 4. Excavation and Trenching Safety
  • 5. Concrete and Masonry Awareness
  • 6. Slips, Trips and Falls for Construction
  • 7. Fall Protection
  • 8. Aerial and Scissor Lifts
  • 9. Ladder Safety for Construction: Selection and Inspection
  • 10. Ladder Safety for Construction: Setup and Use
  • 11. Scaffold Safety Awareness
  • 12. Crane Operator Safety
  • 13. Basic Rigging Awareness
  • 14. Materials Handling Practices for Construction (US)
  • 15. Stacking and Storage Practices for Construction (US)
  • 16. Electrical Safety for Construction: Cord and Plug Connected Equipment (US)
  • 17. Electrical Safety for Construction: Power Lines and Lockout/Tagout (US)
  • 18. Hand Tool Safety for Construction
  • 19. Power Tool Safety for Construction
  • 20. Hand, Wrist and Finger Safety
  • 21. Preventing Cuts and Puncture Wounds
  • 22. Hot Work for Construction
  • 23. Fire Extinguisher Safety Awareness
  • 24. Confined Space Awareness for Construction
  • 25. Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Awareness
  • 26. Hazardous Chemical Information
  • 27. Health Hazards in Construction: Introduction
  • 28. Health Hazards in Construction: Asbestos Awareness
  • 29. Health Hazards in Construction: Crystalline Silica Awareness
  • 30. Health Hazards in Construction: Lead Awareness
  • 31. Health Hazards in Construction: Special Concerns
  • 32. Dust Mask - Voluntary Use Guidelines
  • 33. Heat Stress
  • 34. Vector-Borne Disease Awareness: Mosquitoes, Ticks and Other Pests

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OSHA 10 Equivalent (Construction) (International)