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New York's robust economy would rival some of the world's top independent nations. It exports an extensive range of products to foreign markets, including mobile devices, clothing, software, and glass. The state has embraced technology to enhance productivity and efficacy, creating Silicon Alley and Tech Valley. New York is renowned for being the global media capital, with several of the planet's most influential and prominent media organizations, such as CNN, The New York Times Company, and the Fox Corporation. Moreover, the state has fertile agricultural areas between its cities that yield an ample supply of apples, pears, potatoes, and strawberries. Finally, New York is one of the States which has its own OSHA State Plan. So The New York Public Employee Safety and Health Act (PESH) has extensive Rules and Regulations specifically for public companies and employees. The OSHA New York State Plan Standards are administered by Public Employee Safety and Health (PESH) under the light of the New York Department of Labor. 

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Why Is It Necessary To Take OSHA New York Certification? 

OSHA New York Standards and Regulations are almost as same as OSHA Standards, but the recordkeeping and reporting Standard 12 NYCRR Part 801 differ from OSHA. Moreover, OSHA New York has some State Orientated Standards that differ from the usual OSHA Standards. 

Listed down below are some OSHA New York Standards that all public sector employees need to follow: 

  • Permissible Exposure Limits 12 NYCRR Part 800.5
  • Toxic Substance Training, education and Information 12 NYCRR Part 820
  • If the cities have less than 1 million residents, then Emergency Escape and Self-Rescue Ropes and System Components for Firefighters 12 NYCRR Part 800.7 is applicable.
  • Workplace Violence Prevention 12 NYCRR Part 800.6

The OSHA New York State Plan has yet to set the same Standards or Regulations for private sector companies. Hence, all private company employees and employers must follow Federal OSHA Standards and Regulations.

OSHA does not mandate OSHA New York Certification for all employees. Still, if you are a Construction Worker, Manager, Employer, Supervisor, etc., you must complete your OSHA New York Certification per the State Law and OSHA New York State Plan.

All New York Construction Employees and Employers are obliged to follow Local Law 196. According to Local Law 196, all employees with non-supervisory roles in a Construction Industry must get a Site Safety Training Card (SST Card) or the OSHA 30 Card. In addition, the employees with supervisory positions must complete 62 Hours of Site Safety training.

Furthermore, New York Labor Law § 220-H explains that every Construction Worker who is part of a contract over $250,000 must have an OSHA 10 Card. This law only applies to workers and employers who work outside the city or within the town but on minor projects of alterations and repair.

Lastly, OSHA New York State Plan mandates every employee to renew their OSHA New York training after every five years.

Advantages Of Taking OSHA Safety Training In New York

Being OSHA New York Certification or completing your OSHA New York training courses always gives you an edge over other Construction Workers or Employees, saving you and your Employer from OSHA penalties and fines. There are several perks you and your employer will enjoy after following OSHA New York Certification Standards:

  • Protects Employers and Employees from heavy penalties and fines
  • Builds a sense of job safety which helps make the worksite secure and safe
  • Increases productivity and decreases medical compensation expense


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