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Virginia, recognized as "the birthplace of a nation," holds historical significance as the site of the first English settlement in the Mid-Atlantic and Southeastern regions of the United States. The state boasts a diversified economy, with several industries contributing to its growth. The state's largest employer is the service sector comprising public and social services, healthcare, retail, wholesale trade, and technical and professional services. Virginia is also home to the country's leading internet service provider and boasts the highest number of technology employees nationwide. In addition, the export of computer chips ranks among Virginia's primary products. Federal OSHA Jurisdiction accepts OSHA Virginia Official State Plan. So The Virginia Occupational Safety and Health (VOSH) program oversees the OSHA Virginia State Plan, which falls under the Virginia Department of Labor and Industry (DOLI). 

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Why Is It Necessary To Take OSHA Virginia Certification? 

Employers subject to OSHA Verginia State Plan regulations should ensure training courses covering Virginia's different standards according to local laws. Although most OSHA Standards have been included in OSHA Virginia State Plan, the following industries are directed according to OSHA Virginia State Plan's unique Standards and regulations: 

OSHA Virginia Construction

  • Medical Services and First Aid
  • Sanitation
  • Steel Erection
  • Reverse Signal Operation Safety Requirements for Vehicles, Machinery, and Equipment for the Construction Industry
  • Overhead High Voltage Line Safety Act

OSHA Virginia General Industry

  • Reverse Signal Operation Safety Requirements for Vehicles, Machinery, and Equipment for General Industry
  • Telecommunications, General Approach Distance for Electrical Hazards
  • Confined Spaces in the Telecommunications Industry
  • Tree Trimming Operations
  • Overhead High Voltage Line Safety Act

OSHA Virginia Agriculture

  • Field Sanitation

Moreover, OSHA Virginia recommends its OSHA Virginia 10-Hour courses for newcomers in the General and Construction industries because most businesses demand that their staff members be OSHA Virginia certified and knowledgeable enough about general safety. In contrast, managers and supervisors are the target audience for OSHA Virginia 30-Hour courses. 

Lastly, some industries, employees, and employers are directed by Federal OSHA Jurisdiction, such as: 

  • Federal employment
  • The U.S. Postal Service plus private contractor-operated facilities engaged by USPS
  • Private-sector maritime operations (i.e., shipyards, marine terminals, long shoring)
  • Employment at federal military facilities and other locations with exclusive federal jurisdiction
  • Employment at the US Department of Energy's Southeastern Power Administration Kerr-Philpott System
  • Working conditions of aircraft cabin crew members onboard aircraft in operation
  • Any hazard, industry, area, operation, or facility where the State Plan is unable to exercise jurisdiction effectively

Advantages Of Taking OSHA Safety Training In Virginia

Federal OSHA's objectives extend beyond encouraging and supporting workplace safety laws through OSHA Virginia Certification to maintain the health and safety of both employees and the worksite. There are numerous additional advantages, including:

  • In the job, severe punishments and steep fines are avoided
  • Damage to machinery and equipment is reduced
  • Reduced medical compensation costs and lost workdays


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